Dedolight 3Light Micro Bi-Color LED Kit ( Batteries) Rental Per Day

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3 x DLED2-BI Focusing 20W LED bicolor light head with 16mm (5/8") 
3 x DLED2-BS Battery holder SONY NP-F (DLB-NPF950 recommended)
3 x DBDS8 Standard 8-leaf barn door for DLED2 light heads
1 x DP1S Universal projection attachment/imager for DLED2 LED light heads.
1 x DPL60M Imager lens, 60 mm, f 2.4
1 x DPGHS Holder for steel gobos (dedolight "S-size")
1 x DPGSETS Gobo set for DP1S imagers
2 x DLED2-SBX Soft box for DLED2 LED light heads
2 x DLSR60 Speedring for DLED2 soft box, fits DLED2 accessory slot
3 x DLPS12-30 AC power supply 12V / 30W / 2.5A, incl. EU/USA/UK/AUS input connector set
3 x DLPS12-EXT5 Extension cable for 12V power supply, 5m long
3 x DLB-NPF950 7.4 V Li-Ion battery 43.2 Wh (6000 mAh)
3 x DLCH-NPF Charger for NP-F batteries, input 100 - 240 V AC
1 x DSCS Soft case, small
1 x SDSTM3 Extra stand kit with 3x DSTM, 2x DSTFX40 and soft bag