Dedolight DLED30-D Daylight LED Lamp Rental Per Day

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DPOW 30 cable and DT30 ballast required separately

The most powerful Dedolight LED light. Also for mobile drama productions as well as for studio.
Photo similar.

This new version of the DLED30-D offers:
- Daylight with 300W daylight LED
- TLCI 96 - Manual
control and DMX
- Dual aspherical optics
- Active cooling system
- Large focusing range 4 ° to 65 °
- As standard studio lamp with DMX
- On request rod-operable or motorized
- Can be used with all dedolight optical attachments, from the aspheric wide-angle attachment to the parallel beam addition, DOUBLING the light output and eminently suitable for reflected light (also multiple reflection) in the new Lightstream system