Motocrane ULTRA Arm only rental is R50000,00 per Day

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ULTRA is a generational leap in remote arm technology. The new 12’ arm is capable of positioning 55lbs/25kg payloads around the vehicle at speeds in excess of 75mph/120kmh. ULTRA is built to perform on and off the racetrack.

With balanced aerodynamics and a self-locking swing-axis, ULTRA holds position even at high speeds and during aggressive cornering. Film production teams can create dynamic shots with the confidence that they’re in control of the arm- not the other way around. ULTRA’s category leading 12’/3.65m arm makes it easy to finesse the camera along sweeping curves while adjustable software limits provide safe stopping points for both Swing and Lift axes.

Beyond high speeds and sharp corners, ULTRA is built for difficult terrain and harsh environments. Each module is IP65 rated, and constructed of 7075 and 6061 aluminum alloy for the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any universal remote arm

The entire ULTRA system is setup with a single 10mm hex key. By minimizing and standardizing joints, ULTRA takes less than 30 minutes to setup and has fewer points of failure. The ULTRA Base is rigged using 4x TÜV Certified 2” clamps, so grips can safely use familiar materials. Whether setting up temporarily, or integrating into a permanent tracking vehicle build, ULTRA is built to safely handle aggressive use.