Dedo 3 Light Kit BI-Color (2x DLED4 & 1x Felloni)

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2 x DLED4-BI dedolight focusing LED light head, bicolor
2 x DT4-BI Power supply for DLED4 bicolor light heads
2 x DPLS Light shield ring
2 x DBD8 Standard barn door (eight leaves)
1 x DP1.1 Imager projection attachment 
1 x DPGH Steel gobo holder (size 'M')
1 x GM-GMAS - Gobo Master Kit with 10x usefull window/breakup gobos
2 x DFH Gel filter holder
1 x DGW Gel filter set, warm tone (fits Classic Series filter holder)
1 x DGMD Gel filter set, mixed diffusion (fits Classic Series filter holder)
1 x DGCOL Gel filter set, color effect (fits Classic Series filter holder)
1 x TP-DCOL-BI50HO Felloni dedocolor LED panel bicolor high output 50°
1 x TP-LONI-SBX42 Felloni soft box with 2 barn doors and 2 diffusers
1 x TP-LONI-SBXGRID40 Felloni textile grid for soft box, 40°
3 x DST dedolight stands
1 x DH2 Wall holder
1 x CLAMP1 dedolight clamp
1 x DBPSLED Backpack, small, with dividers for Felloni panel
Size: 60 x 50 x 30 cm ( 24 x 20 x 12 ")
Weight: 17,6 Kg