Dedolight DLED 10-Bi-Color 245 Watt Rental Per Day

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Dedolight DLED10 Bi-Colour 245 Watt LED Light (SYS-DLED10-BI). The DLED10 lights are extremely powerful, small lights, ideally suited in the bicolor version for mobile drama, and in the daylight version for studio use.
Bicolor 2700K – 6000K, allows the adaptation to changing situations of ambient light. Ideally suited for the larger lighting task, also for mobile drama production, as well as for studios.
Daylight version Looks identical to the DLED10-BI, but works with a 300 W daylight light source and offers even higher light output.
  • 1x DLED10-BI Light head (bicolour)
  • 1x DT10-BI Ballast (bicolour) and mains cable
  • 1x DPOW10 Cable to light head
  • 1x DPLS400 Light shield ring
  • 1x DBD400 8-leaf barn door