Senna SkyBeast console Rental Per Day ( Excludes Technician )

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SkyBeast is the most advanced wireless controller of DMX light panels including

SkyBeast can control up tO 16 different sets Of fixtures (up to 30 channels each, / one
universe) with MOTORIZED POTENTIOMETERS, memory pre-sets, cross fades and many
more functions. This is the easiest and most user-friendly way to wirelessly cotrol your

SkyBeast features:

• Wireless dmx control (range 300 m line of sight)

• Controls up to 96 ARRI SkyPanels, or up to 128 DMX panels in standard mode

• Modes: - for SkyPanel Firmware 4, 4.1 – P30 - for Firmware 3.1 – P1, P3,
P16 (Rosco), P16 (Lee), P22 - Standard mode
• Operation modes in P30: CCT, HIS, RGBW, GEL SELECT, XY COORD., EFFECTS
- 6 memory presets per panel
- Auto memory recall with fade speed control
- Motorised potentiometers

• General Master control:
- General volume control
- General memory recall
- Strobe (adjustable speed)
- Chasing lights (adjustable speed)