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Dedolight DLH1200D Overview

The DLH1200D HMI Lamp Head from Dedolight provides impressive output backed with the advanced features that you'd expect from a manufacturer of Dedo's stature. The finely tuned optical system uses a patented two-lens configuration combined with unique mirror and lens movement that effectively suppresses spill light while yielding a wide 1:18 focusing range that can be increased to 1:50 with an optional aspherical wide angle lens attachment.

Channels on the front of the fixture accept barn doors and other accessories including a condenser back-end module that permits use of all projection attachments and lenses from Series 400 lights.

Available for separate purchase, the DLH1200D's required dedicated ballast allows use of the fixture with 90-264 VAC mains power, DMX control and 50-100% dimming. Both the head and the optional ballast offer rainproof construction.

Attributes and Benefits

  • High light output
  • Wide focus range
  • Highly accurate color rendering
  • Rainproof - high IP rating
  • Swing away side lamping
  • On/Off on both head and optional ballast
  • High Efficiency Convection Cooling

  • Full air intake on the bottom of the light
  • Extra air intakes between the inner and outer housings
  • Air gap around the front lens
  • Low front air intake provides airflow between the two lenses (important in flood position)
  • High Range of Intensity Change While Maintaining Color

  • Calculated boosting of output without noticeably affecting lifetime of the lamp while maintaining color stability
  • Continuous dimming only to the point beyond which color change would occur (with optional ballast)