Aladdin Bi-Flex4 Bi-Color LED Panel Kit w/s Soft Bag(V-Mount)

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Aladdin Bi-Flex4 Overview

Have everything you need to professionally light your television, film, or still photography production and transport your gear to and from your location shoot with this Bi-Flex4 Bi-Color V-Mount Kit with Soft Bag from Aladdin. This kit includes a moldable LED panel with an integrated V-Mount. The LED panel features bi-color 2900-6400K color temperature with a CRI of 98ra for daylight and 97ra for tungsten with a 100-5% dimming. Integrated DMX controls allow for further control of your lights. This lightweight and portable light source offers flicker-free output suitable for a variety of locations, sets, or even inside objects for product shots. The back of each panel is lined with male touch-fasteners allowing you to mount the panel to any surface using female touch-fasteners.

The Bi-Flex4 panel is fully submersible with an IP rating of 67. This kit includes a professional-grade dimmer with an integrated V-Mount battery plate and DMX controls. An AC adapter, a metal frame with a 16mm stud, a ball head stand mount, a diffuser, and a 16' extension cable are included. A soft bag allows you to safely protect and transport your gear.

At 3000K
8300 lux at 2' (60cm)
4200 lux at 3' (1m)
1400 lux at 6' (2m)
700 lux at 9' (3m)
At 4200K
10000 lux at 2' (60cm)
5500 lux at 3' (1m)
1700 lux at 6' (2m)
800 lux at 9' (3m)
At 6000K
11,000 lux at 2' (60cm)
6000 lux at 3' (1m)
1800 lux at 6' (2m)
840 lux at 9' (3m)