Dedo DLH400DT 3-Light Kit Rental per Day

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Dedolight DLH400DT Overview

The heart of this 1200 watt total Dedolight HMI Dimmable 3-Light Kit is the DLH400B head with its award-winning design. This 400-watt, daylight-balanced head has a patented focus mechanism with dual lens optics and focusing motion that zooms the light beam at a 20:1 flood-to-spot ratio.

Dedolight features a clean beam with even distribution and no stray light.

This kit features three 400W HMI fixtures with HMI bulbs, scrims, barndoors, and filter holders to shape and color the light, light stands with a case, and a heavy duty case for storage and transport of the fixtures and accessories.

Super Flood

Provided by a second lens which moves towards the lamp and mirror when going "wide" to produce an enhanced flood angle

Super Spot

Provided by a simultaneous movement of the second lens, moving in the opposit direction, away from the lamp and mirror, producing a very tight and intense spot

Multi-Voltage Dimmable Ballasts

Flicker-free, multi-voltage compatible electronic ballasts allow dimming to 30% of each head for tailored lighting set ups

Well-Balanced Design

Tilt pivot at center of gravity provides excellent balance and positive locking

Smooth Focus Control

Rear focus knob provides smooth, precise, variable movement throughout the focus range

Easy On-Off Switching

On/Off push buttons located on both head and ballast for ease of operation