Dedo Imager Projection Attachment, Universal

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DP400KU Imager Set with Universal receptacle – the Universal projector set allows gobo projection and can be used for effects like sunlight and set lighting or Logo projection. 

Set consisting of:
DP400CON – Main condenser lens (required)
DP400LH – Main Body (required)
DP400-185 – 185mm lens (standard lens – other lenses are available)
DP400U – Universal receiver for Gobos, framing shutters etc..

Recommended accessories:
DP400FS – Framing shutter assembly, replaces DP400U for precision shaping
DP400GGH – Glass Gobo Holder
DP400GH – Steel Gobo Holder
DP400IR – Iris 
DP400LFS – Loose Leaf framing shutter set (x4) for use with DP400U

For a full list of accessories and lenses please ask for details or brochure