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LEDRAPTOR 7 – High power

This is our most powerful LED soft light working with four different light sources, each of which is capable of 2 x 220 W bicolor function.

Total power consumption is close to 1000 W.

This concept makes it necessary, to employ a super modern, very special version of heat pipe cooling and actually 4 of those combined, which accounts for the unusual shape of the light head.

In order to keep the noise down, there are 8 fans operating at low revolution, very special fan and super modern cooling concept for longevity  and continuous use.


  • 4x 2x220 W Bicolor 2700-6500K,  
  • CRIa (3200) 96, CRIa (5600) 97  
  • TLCI (3200) 97, TLCI (5600) 96