Fxlion FX-HP-7224 28V Multifunctional High-Power Lithium-lon Battery (620Wh)

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Fxlion FX-HP-7224 Overview

The FX-HP-7224 Multifunctional High-Power Lithium-Ion Battery from Fxlion is a portable power solution for high-power LED lights and film gear with maximum working current up to 40A. It features two 28V outputs and one 15V output. It has a maximum capacity 24 Ah / 620 Wh. The battery can be used in cold weather conditions, about 60% power is available at temperatures down to -30°C. It features built-in circuit design to protect the battery during charging and use.

Suitable for use with high-power LED lights (100/200/400W and above), film lights, and gear with 12 / 24V requirement
Lithium-ion battery, optimal energy and volume ratio
Chargeable battery with no memory effect
5-level LED power indicator
Maximum 40A current for each 28V output and maximum 8A current for 15V output
Two 28V outputs as well as 15V and 28V outputs can work at same time