Dedolight DLED3 3Light Standard BI-Color Kit

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Dedolight DLED3 Overview

A versatile lighting kit for quick interview setups and ENG applications, the DLED3  3-Light Standard Bi-Color Kit from Dedolight revolves around a trio of their 40W bi-color LEDs and DC ballasts, and adds a range of accessories to produce an all-inclusive kit. Besides the lights, this kit includes the necessary cabling for connecting the lights to the ballasts and for connecting the ballasts to AC power, standard 8-leaf barndoors for each of the lights, a universal projection attachment/imager, a set of six gobos, two softboxes and speed rings for the LEDs, a soft case to protect the lights during storage and travel, as well as a separate light stand kit containing three light stands, two stand extensions, and a soft stand bag.

The  Series DLED3 Bi-Color Focusing LED Light Head from Dedolight is a focusable LED light with a standard 5/8" receptacle. This model features an adjustable color temperature from 2700 to 6500K for providing a quality light that can be used in a wide range of situations. The light is dimmable without any color shift and offers tilt control with adjustable friction.

Being an LED fixture it has low power draw of just 40W with an output of 5650 lux at a distance of 3' with a spot beam angle. Accessories can easily be fitted on a 2.3" diameter holder and the light features active cooling, meaning it doesn't require noisy fans to run. It is also lightweight for effective use as an on-camera light.