NanGuang Wi-Fi Controller

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NanGuang Wi-Fi Controller

The NanGuang Wi-Fi Controller is a device that can simultaneously control up to 99 lights from a smartphone or tablet. This CN-W2.4G controller can be powered by a power adapter or by batteries and has an effective range of 200 meters. With this controller the following lights and panels can be controlled: CN-30F, CN-60F, CN-P100w, CN-200F, CN-300, LuxPad 23, MixPad 41, MixPad 106 and LED panels CN-600 / CN-900 / CN-1200.

Features of the NanGuang Wi-Fi Controller

  • You can control up to 99 lights from smartphone or tablet at the same time
  • Wide coverage: effective reach 200 meters

In the Box

  • NanGuang Wi-Fi Controller
  • Power adapter